Tips on havin sex in car

Belt him to the passenger seat with the seat belt and tie his hands with a scarf to the headrest and have your wicked way with him! It might take a little time to get used to the positioning, but it's actually really good for slow sex, since it will take a long time for your bae to finish. Let the glass fog up! You have more room to try different car sex positions and you have much more room to fool around with one another in the back seat so you can settle in for the long haul. Don't freeze or fry One of the biggest factors with having sex in the car is temperature control. So make sure you keep some tissues at hand in the car. Set the mood Just like any other time, setting the mood is pretty important. Have bae sit on the seat with their leg bent to the side, or hanging off of the seat.

Tips on havin sex in car

Try out these simple positions for the best car sex ever. Handcuff him to the seat for some kinky fun. Or you could always make your own body heat… Find a secluded spot The last thing you want when you're trying to get intimate in your vehicle is for things to get cut short by a group of observant teens or worse: Source Lowered Seat You can essentially turn a car seat into a tiny bed if you put it down far enough! So make sure you keep some tissues at hand in the car. Buy them here for Rs 1, Start out by cuddling in the back seat, with you and bae both on your side. Source Road Head Maybe you have a reallllly tiny car that can't handle these sex positions. The last thing you want to do is aim poorly and end up with the most disgusting and obvious stain on your cloth seats. If it's scorching out, even in the evenings, keep the vehicle running and blast the AC; this way you can get steamy with your partner while staying cool. So if you plan to have sex in the car, dress appropriately. Try to get away from any artificial lights, as the light pollution from the city will make it difficult to see the stars. Some backseat fun The second most comfortable sex position is in the backseat. If you have a truck, throw a mattress in the bed if you have an SUV with trunk space or folding seats and cant fit a mattress back there, enough foam padding and blankets will do the trick. I highly recommend bringing snacks, and by that I mean chocolate covered strawberries and champagne, or something of the like. If you're trying to bang in the car in the summer, wait until the sun starts to go down. What if you want more time with your bae? I know it doesn't seem that much different, but the angle of penetration will actually make a huge difference, especially if you lean forwards while being penetrated, which might help him get to your g spot. What if your mom gets home early? Source Back Seat Driver This one is similar to the "lowered seat sex" but with a raised seat. Bondage means that you tie someone up, and you can use a seatbelt to do that. Everyone deserves at least one Titanic-esc encounter in their lives. However you feel about it, you should know that there are actually positions that will make having sex in your car not only easier, but a lot more enjoyable too. A skirt or a dress is your best bet for the car quickly, unless it is in-the-moment and then you might as well struggle a little. From there, you can easily go into full-on spooning sex mode. The last thing you want is finally reaching that apex of pleasure only to put your foot through your back window. As long as you're parked, have your bae sit up while you lay down across the seats.

Tips on havin sex in car

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How to Have Sex in a Car

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