Sex and the city paris restaurant

I suspected that since it was Sex and the City that made it famous, perhaps it is now in its decline? The service The service was attentive and present. There were only a few people in the restaurant when I arrived and most of the patrons who came later were mostly Asians. We did have to call and make a reservation, however we were told that it was not possible to reserve a table upstairs. Don't expect refined but expect well executed French cuisine - the trate tatin was amazing though. The drinks were both good. By the way, my son hated this place.

Sex and the city paris restaurant

We did have to call and make a reservation, however we were told that it was not possible to reserve a table upstairs. It was at Kong, a chic, luxurious, and uber trendy restaurant within walking distance from the Louvre. From the entrance, I took the elevator to the 5th floor where I was greeted by the hostess. The food was good but not great, and the same goes for the staff. With its glass top indoor roof terrace and quirky decor reservations are a must. Megan and I went to the Kong restaurant as a part of her belated birthday celebration. Out of the two dishes I would recommend the Eggs Benedict. I was at this restaurant for dinner with a cousin while traveling through Paris. And in one of my trips to NYC with my older son, I took him to Buddakan, a trendy and upscale Chinese restaurant in the Meatpacking district. She asked me to follow her upstairs and we both walked up to the green stairs to the restaurant. The baguette was a little chewy, however this is common at restaurants as they are rarely fresh from the boulangerie nor cooked fresh in-house. We also enjoyed the crispy potato slice as a bit of different twist to a very common and traditional dish. But I have no complaints because the wine was excellent! They were actually entertaining to watch and gave me something to laugh about. For two main courses and a dessert with a glass of champagne and water we paid around euros. He described it as pretentious and mediocre food. Even though it was a cloud-covered miserable day outside, the exraordinary natural light in the roof top restaurant created a feeling of vibrancy. It's somewhat reminiscent of a river boat cruise given the shape of its ceiling with great views of the city. You will also receive exclusive offers and a monthly newsletter. We chose the Sunday brunch option because we did not find the images of the lunch and dinner menus very appealing. Not Michelin star good but better than other similar restaurants. The two servers were both very attractive. I was afraid that in my solitude I would get lonely or bored, but it turns out I loved every minute of my time alone, and more importantly, my own company. Prices were reasonable for what we received. The 6th floor is a stunning indoor rooftop terrace restaurant which has an amazing abundance of natural light.

Sex and the city paris restaurant

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  1. There is also a bar on the floor beneath it which is a very nice waiting area until your table is ready. However, with our review of Kong staff we have nothing to complain about.

  2. Personally, I have come to terms with waiters in Paris not being overly talkative or very friendly.

  3. They were well dressed, just as you would expect. But I have no complaints because the wine was excellent!

  4. Our Review of Kong Restaurant If you have read other reviews online, a lot of people say that the food and service is not worth the price tag.

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