Sci fi fantasies of sex slave

I remembered kneeling in the shower that night, crying loudly at the feeling of having been so thoroughly used solely for his kinky pleasure yet being intensely confused by just how much my body had reveled in that most unusual experience. Some of these plots begin in the first book, but most are underway in the first ten books. Like the warriors who care nothing for those they conquer - and show no mercy to those who oppose them. The most important to the books are the insectoid Priest-Kings and the huge sharp-clawed predatory Kurii, both space-farers from foreign star systems. Books 14, 15, and 16 are narrated by male abductee Jason Marshall.

Sci fi fantasies of sex slave

A Tenra is somewhat similar to an Earth-based octopus, but can survive out of water for months at a time and has twelve tentacles. Perhaps the most interesting race was the Tenran. But most importantly, I now have everything I wanted. The limitation of technology is imposed to ensure the safety of both the Priest-Kings and the other indigenous and transplanted beings on Gor, who would otherwise possibly come to harm due to humans' belligerent tendencies. Releasing my hair at last, he pushed back from me, disengaging, leaving my body feeling empty, incomplete, allowing for even more of my liquid passion to gush forth from between my trembling thighs. As I recovered from that single heartbeat, I heard him say something to my sister, and watched as she stood and turned to face him, her wrists remaining crossed behind her as she assumed a true parade-rest position. Taking her time, she clipped one end of the new chain to a welded ring near the junction of the two long pieces of metal supporting me, then slowly wrapped the chain around both me and the Cross, stopping only when she had no more chain to wrap and attaching the final clip to a nearby ring. Her days were spent searching for bog iron for her poor family and communing with the spirits of the land who both guard and guide her. The Gorean humans are permitted advanced architectural, agricultural and medical skills including life extension , but are forced to remain primitive in the fields of transportation, communication and weaponry at approximately the level of Classical Mediterranean civilization due to restrictions on technology imposed by the Priest-Kings. The first week was filled with academic studies: And Marja will have to use all of her strength, skills, and cunning to survive in the war that is about to engulf them all. The first book, The Chieftain, had a 67 percent sell-through. The cuffs, applied to my ankles and wrists, were very similar to the ones I had worn before, only wider and with more fur between leather and skin. Plotlines[ edit ] Most of the novels in the series are action and sexual adventures, with many of the military engagements borrowing liberally from historic ones, such as the trireme battles of ancient Greece and the castle sieges of medieval Europe. But he simply reached underneath me, grabbed my breasts, and mauled my small oversensitive mounds roughly as he lifted me to a kneeling position, then raised me up even higher on my knees until he deftly impaled me once more, making me feel filled, complete, whole. In the novels, these various population groups are transplants from Earth brought there by space-craft through the behind-the-scenes rulers of Gor, the Priest-Kings, an extraterrestrial species of insectoid appearance. For the first time since my own breasts had begun to develop, I was almost ashamed of my own femininity. The only reference was Saturn at the lower-left of the view, slowly rising along the side of the window. Slave Masters In the second book of the "Slave Trade" trilogy, the galaxy heats up for Rose Rico and her renegade band of pleasure slaves while things heat up inside their ship! I am, I heard inside my head, but this is only the beginning. I remembered watching as first my left wrist was wrapped in a fur-lined cuff, feeling a flutter of nervousness in my stomach even as a trickle seeped from the base of my torso. I could feel the eyes of virtually everyone in the small establishment watching us, especially watching me, and although I felt more than a little ashamed at being seen like this with a complete stranger with the possibility that my college friends or classmates might come through the door at any moment, I was too entranced by the strange mystery of this unknown man to truly care about anyone or anything other than him and me. Interestingly, however obvious this influence might be, few, if any, critics, commentators, or such, have called attention to it. I definitely was not going to be going anywhere on my own for quite some time. But in this view, there was no reference to the ground.

Sci fi fantasies of sex slave

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  1. The Priest-Kings rule Gor as disinterested custodians, leaving humans to their own affairs as long as they abide by certain restrictions on technology. Setting[ edit ] Gor is described as a habitable planet in the Solar System that shares the same orbit as Earth , but it is linearly opposed to Earth and consequently always hidden by the Sun , making direct observation of it from Earth impossible.

  2. The primary difference between males and females of the Tenran race is that females have a vagina at the base of the torso, at the center of the connecting point for the twelve tentacles; the males, on the other hand, have tiny holes at the end of each tentacle which can jet out pinkish streams of semen.

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