Pleasing your husband with oral sex

Remember when I said to make sure that you get your throat in shape? When your mouth begins getting tired, use your tongue as a filler so you can catch your breath. Use it on all parts of his member. Use your hands to keep the motion going so that he can climax completely. Gag reflex can lead to vomiting, so practicing can help train your throat to tolerate the intrusion.

Pleasing your husband with oral sex

Self-conscious or not, your husband or boyfriend will truly appreciate the gesture. There are many women who do not particularly like the taste of ejaculation. Go deep and then rock it from there. This is a great position if you have a bad gag reflex because you can control how far your head goes down. Use your hand to help stabilize your husband or boyfriend's member. It will only be like a tablespoon, so when it starts to hit your mouth, don't stop to swallow. Practice and experience will help you to develop your jaw muscles so that they won't get tired as quickly. Again, the main thing to remember is not to stop. This is the strongest muscle in your body based on size, so use it to your advantage. Use your tongue and some spit to help relieve the sting if you happen to nibble by accident. Have a game plan. If you are providing oral sex for your man, spit on that sucker! If you are serious about learning to please your husband or boyfriend, use these 20 tips and tricks to get the blow job done right! Since these tips are designed to help you get your boyfriend or husband to climax, it is important to understand how each part of your body affects the process. Or, you have the perfect in-between when he will climax before your mouth, neck, throat, and hands tire. Also, because you can use a little more pressure with your hands, it will help to keep him hard. Many women prefer to give a hand job as they are giving a blowjob because it helps to keep the blood flowing. There are three types of men. Use it on all parts of his member. This is particularly sexy to men, seeing it drip from your lips and tongue. Sounds like it hurts, right? He may climax, he may not. Anatomically speaking, let's start at the top: If the option presents itself to spit or swallow, many women will opt to spit. There are pros and cons to this method. The downside is that you can't quite get the depth.

Pleasing your husband with oral sex

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