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I slowly massaged here ankles and turned her feet so that her ankles were touching my dick. She dutifully started kissing my dick and with some prodding from me, started sucking me off. I ran out of the loo and went to help her. Ambika was told to wear only sarees my wife hates gowns and sleep in the kitchen itself as we have a small 1-bed flat. Her boobs were staring to get out of her blouse.

House in lady live looking male servant sex slave

She was lying on my bed with just a blouse and petticoat. Instead of anywhere- anytime, it was slowly boiling down to once a week straight missionary sex — only on our bed. I carried her to the sofa and got her to lie down. There was only one loo in the house and as such we had to share our loo with her. She agreed to send Ambika to Bombay by the kurla express and the deal was that smrithi and I would pick her up from the kurla station and bring her to our home. I had kept her ankle o my lap and suddenly I realized that I had the same problem as in the previous day. Interested enough to hear about the second part of the story or rather incident in which smrithi and I used ambika as our full fledged sex slave. She was all sprawled on the floor and was writhing in pain as she seems to have sprained some ankle. We were happily married — steaming sex and all that, but slowly boredom was creeping in. I have been married for three years by that time. She was coming back only late in the night. I just squeezed them roughly and she yelled out in pain. Ambika had done this to me. She was a bit hesitant about seeing me alone as she was expecting a couple to pick her up and not a single male. A 30 something female called Ambika. Our readers regularly share their most erotic experiences with us and you can too by submitting yours. You knew that by the way sex happened. So, we went home — I showed her around the place, left some instructions about what to do and what not to do and went to my office. With that I carried her to our bed room and threw her onto the bed. Then, it slowly dawned on me. My wife — Smrithi- was working with me for few years and then as they say in stories — love happened after many a sights. I tried to help her to get up and she yelled in pain. She again asked in bewilderment. We had a small 1-room apartment at cuffe parade that time. My wife was home by that time and she was talking to ambika.

House in lady live looking male servant sex slave

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