Free sex play stories doctor gives exam

She had such lovely lips, the type that looked so nice wrapped around your cock, sweet eyes looking up at you as you fed more cock deep into her mouth. Michael directed the others. Joanna cringed when she heard him talking to the janitor, opening her eyes just in time to see him pass by her head, staring at her hanging breasts before looking directly into her eyes. I think that would ease the tension. James, the last one pulled on her nipples, stretching each obscenely, twisting the pink nipples crushed beneath his calloused fingers. The tip of his finger swilled around her clit hood, not touching it, just teasing it.

Free sex play stories doctor gives exam

It'll take a few minutes," he advised and began smoothing his hands together. Normally I would do two-to-three small enemas starting with a hot, then warm and finally a one cold. Joanna looked over her shoulders at her upraised ass, her legs spread wide, the doctors viewing her from behind. The sound of Velcro ripping cut through the room, when he unstrapped the device and put it on the tray as well. Over her shoulders, he watched her breasts push out her bra as she bent over, his cock jerking at the sight of her lovely globes. He slid the thermometer from between her lips and inspected the reading. Relax, it will be OK, she thought, trying to calm herself. Doc Sauter added a second finger and then started to finger fuck her, she went ballistic and in just a few seconds she was writhing in ecstasy and cumming big time. She started to get up, looking urgently for something, anything to cover her body. If you cum, I will release my fingers and let you drain the liquid filling your bowels. Michael waited anxiously for her answer. With fascination, Rose watched as the Doctor expertly tapped the tool, studying the reactions on each part of her body, as it twitched, seemingly separate from her mind's control. Michael gripped her nipples a little tighter, his fingertips digging into the hard flesh. This time his finger was cold and rubbery massaging the tiny rosebud, lubricating it for bigger things. She felt hands back between her legs, urging her thighs farther apart. He reached up with his other hand and pushed her sweat-soaked hair from her face, turning her towards him. Joanna did not protest this manhandling of her but tensed when he moved his fingers to the buttons of her shirt and began to unbutton the first one. Joanna put her head down onto the rubber pillow, turning away from them, not wanting to see what they were going to do, resigned to the fact. Her clit was being finger slapped, it felt like he would rub it raw if he continued much longer and her pussy was being finger fucked, two delicious, fat fingers sliding inside her. Her hips driving the fingers back and forth deep inside her, no longer caring about the pain, the men, her wantonness, just loving the fullness these men provided. He kept Joanna on the table with a hand on her back and picked up the consent form with the other. As for the other doctors, she would just close her eyes and make believe no one else was there. Her whole body was twitching as she was anxious for his mouth to devour her warm pink taco. What must they think of her? Michael moved behind her again, watching Dr. The anus is very flexible and can expand to take quite large things without tearing, as long as care is used during insertion.

Free sex play stories doctor gives exam

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