Can fenugreek alter secondary sex characteristics

After obtaining the basal blood sample, a 2-h OGTT oral glucose tolerance test was immediately performed with an oral glucose load of 75 g, and nonheparinized blood samples were obtained after min to measure serum glucose concentration. Table 1 Clinical and sonographic characteristics of the patients Parameter. Therefore, in this study, the panelists were of the opinion that this risk should be communicated to and discussed with breastfeeding women during consultations. Potential panelists were identified by personal contacts in the field. Enhancing human milk supply would be the primary anticipated effect of using fenugreek as a galactogogue. Third, we did not hierarchize the potential harms and benefits in order of importance.

Can fenugreek alter secondary sex characteristics

Many breastfeeding women could be asthmatics and should be warned of this potential harm of using fenugreek. Panel sizes varied greatly in previous studies and the sizes ranged from 10 over panel members [ 51 ]. Again, participants were not offered any financial incentives. The detailed characteristics of the panelists are shown in Table 1. Supplementary Table S2 provides details of the plants cited by the key contacts who were interviewed in this study. Informed breastfeeding women could be in a better position to decide whether to use fenugreek or opt for another safer alternative. Therefore, herbal remedies should be recommended considering the 5 rights right person, time, dose, frequency, and route of administration. These risks should be communicated to and discussed with breastfeeding during the consultations. Randomization was done in a prospective, placebo-controlled; double blind patients received fenugreek seeds extract plus metformin or placebo plus metformin. Seeds were washed in distilled water and were ground to a fine powder in a mixer under chilled conditions. Health and Social Care Information Centre, Herbal galactogogues mentioned by the interviewees are listed in Supplementary Materials Table S2. Guidelines on what healthcare providers should communicate and discuss in terms of potential harms and benefits are currently lacking. The randomization code was not broken until the last patient completed all observations. The rest were assigned one by one to either of the groups. Breast Enhancement Fenugreek is sometimes used as a breast enhancing substance; [85] there is no evidence to support this notion. In addition, these agents are excreted in human milk and thus bear potential side effects and harms to infants [ 10 — 12 ]. Moreover, judgmental and snowball sampling techniques permitted the recruitment of panelists with prior knowledge of the subject being investigated who were rich in experience to narrate [ 15 , 47 — 49 ]. Composition Trigonella foenum-graecum seeds Fenugreek seeds; the main active component of this plant tend to contain: The ethanol extract was lyophilized. Fourth, judgmental and snowball sampling techniques were used to recruit panelists for this study. The number of panelists used in this study was slightly larger than sizes used in previous studies seeking consensus on issues in healthcare. In the 1st section, the panelists were requested to disclose their sociodemographic details. In general, making a decision on therapeutic alternatives involves balancing their potential benefits against their potential harms, taking into account the preferences of the patients. Maca is known for its effects of creating curves , has estrogenic effects , and is fairly inexpensive. Using fenugreek might have negative consequences of these controlled levels and hence, breastfeeding women at risk should be warned.

Can fenugreek alter secondary sex characteristics

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  1. Seeds of fenugreek, which is an annual herbaceous plant, are traditionally used as condiment and in folk medicine in many countries including the Indian subcontinent, China, and the Middle East [ 22 ]. Potential harms of using fenugreek to enhance human milk supply that need to be communicated to and discussed with breastfeeding women during the clinical consultation.

  2. Women were asked to provide their age, academic degrees, employment status, and the potential harms and benefits of galactogogues that need to be communicated to and discussed with breastfeeding women during the clinical consultations.

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